We want NEBO to be your partner in growing your business. We will try to uncover the secrets of making money through networking and leads, advice how to build your potential in foreign markets, save on international cooperation, and most of all, we will connect you with foreign clients.

We are a global business website, through which you can create an unlimited network of contacts, get support, exchange information and services. With NEBO, you can obtain or offer professional assistance in specific areas related to running a business, i.e. taxes, legal assistance, strategic consultancy, finance, new technologies, and many more!

NEBO also offers a valuable database of contacts to decision-makers and experienced specialists in their respective areas from any location worldwide. Only with us can you reach the top management – we provide tried and tested contacts, no anonymous or general e-mails.

It is simple: those several steps may lead you to a breakthrough. You can run your business abroad without incurring unnecessary risk and costs. Why? Because through NEBO you obtain reliable contacts, valuable leads, and professional help – depending on what you are looking for. Simply start a profile in NEBO and select the field of specialisation, location, and your need. We open new business opportunities in other countries for smaller companies, which previously was reserved for corporate entities only. Sky is the limit!

Our blog will contain entries by professionals, NEBO experts, and our users. We intend the information published here to be useful and helpful in your business. They will present the current state of the art in a given field, advice, business experiences, and above all – specific examples of how NEBO can help in running a business and promote your offer and services in foreign markets.

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