Terms & Conditions

  1. Introduction

Welcome to Nebo and thank you for joining us. Nebo is an online platform for professionals designed for building professional network of our Users. Our mission is to create an online space where professionals from all over the world can find each other and create business opportunities. With the help of Nebo even a small firm may serve clients globally by building a network of professional connections.

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  1. Definitions

For the purposes of the herein Terms and Conditions, the following definitions will apply:

Nebo or the Service – is understood as an Internet domain operating under www.nebo.solutions address, offering services to its Users, owned by Sławomir Czajka, carrying out a business activity under brand „Sławomir Czajka”, seated at ul. Kazimierza Wierzyńskiego 61, 52-241 Wrocław, Poland, registered in the Polish registry of entrepreneurs under REGON no. 366851504.

Terms and conditions – is understood as the herein document including any future changes.

User – is understood as an owner of either individual account or a corporate account.

Nebo services – are understood as services and information available through www.nebo.solutions domain, in particular: a browser, the user account, an e-mail service, Blog.

Nebo content – is understood as content created and published in the Service by Nebo, in particular: name, logos, images, layouts, data and information published in the Blog, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy.

  1. General Terms

  1. By using the Service User enters into agreement with Nebo and agrees to apply the herein Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. Terms and Conditions also apply to visitors (non-registered users) accordingly.

  2. User accepts and understands that Nebo is an online platform for professionals designed for building and improving of our Users’ professional network. User declares that he will be using the Service in compliance with the relevant law of country of his jurisdiction.

  3. User understands that the Internet is not a fully secure environment, so Nebo cannot ensure the security of any information that you entrust us with. There is no guarantee that information may not be accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed by breach of any of Nebo’s physical, technical, or managerial safeguards.

  4. User agrees not to:

  • use the Service for purposes other than it’s been designed for,

  • publish or distribute using Nebo services content of Nazi, pornographic or in any other way illegal character,

  • act in unlawful, unprofessional, obscene or discriminatory manner or in a way contrary to good customs and manners,

  • publish or distribute using the Nebo services content you are not entitled to,

  • publish or distribute using Nebo services content discrediting or insulting other persons or bodies,

  • harass, abuse or harm other person or body,

  • include false information in the User account, especially with regards to professional qualifications, current or previous positions, size of business etc.

  • impersonate of other persons, use a photo of another person as an image of yourself in the User account,

  • create more than one User account for the same person or company,

  • dispose of the account or lease it out in any kind or form without Nebo’s written consent,

  • use or try to use other Users’ accounts,

  • send any unwelcomed communications to others (spam, junk mail, chain letters etc.),

  • copy content added on other Users’ accounts or information added by Nebo in any part of the Service,

  • interfere into the content of the Service in any way other than expressly allowed for in the herein Terms and Conditions, copy the Service’s source code or applied technology and ideas, break or try to break its security features,

  • post anything that contains software viruses, worms, or any other harmful code,

  • use bots or other automated methods to access the services,

  • access the Service except through the interfaces provided by Nebo.

  1. Nebo has the right to modify the herein Terms and Conditions at any time. User will be informed of any planned changes prior to their implementation. Changes are published in the „Terms and Conditions” section of Nebo. Using the Service after publication of the changes means their acceptance.

  2. Nebo puts all the efforts to make the Nebo services work in an undisturbed manner. However, we cannot guarantee that our services will not be temporarily limited or unavailable e.g. due to the necessary technical maintenance or updates, breakdown of Internet connections or hardware.

  3. Nebo may change or discontinue any of the services at any time. Nebo is not responsible towards the User for any loss or damage incurred due to discontinuance or suspenetion of any of the Nebo services.

  4. Nebo may restrict, suspend or terminate any User account at any time without any prior notice and / or justification. User may also de-activate his User account at any time.

  5. Nebo may deny the User access to any of the services at any time for any reason without any prior notice and / or justification.

  6. Nebo may at any time delete, block or monitor contents considered as violating the Terms and Conditions.

  7. User bears a sole responsibility for its actions performed using the Service. Nebo does not authorize or approve content published or sent by Users.

  8. Nebo is not a data storage service. In particular the Service is not designed for a long term data storage. We are not responsible for damage, loss or disclosure of any User’s data or information.

  9. User agrees that advertisements may be added in various parts of the Service.

  10. User agrees to receive communication regarding the Service.

  11. User declares that he will grant endorsements to other Users in an objective and professional manner.

  1. User accounts

  1. Registration at Nebo and use of the Nebo services is not subject to consideration. Nebo reserves the right to introduce consideration for the registration and / or use of the System or its chosen parts in the future.

  2. Nebo offers two types of accounts: individual account and a corporate account. Only corporate accounts are visible in the Nebo browser.

  3. User is obliged to provide true and accurate information in his account and keep it up to date.

  4. User is obliged to keep the account password in secret.

  5. User is entitled de-activate his account at any time. From the moment of the account’s termination any content or data published or stored in the account will be unavailable for the User and other persons (with reservation of exceptions described in section VI of the Privacy Policy). Nebo does not guarantee that the User’s data and content will be kept after that account was de-activated.

  6. Accounts not used for more than 12 months since last successful logging in may be deleted without prior notice.

  1. Copyrights

  1. All the contents published or distributed using the Nebo services are owned by the User. The User however grants Nebo a limited license to use the User’s data and content published at the User’s account for the purposes of realization of the Privacy Policy (see sections IV and VI of the Privacy Policy).

  2. User declares that he owns the necessary rights to content published or distributed using the Nebo services and that the content does not violate rights of any persons. Nebo does not bear costs of any license fees for contents published or distributed using the Nebo services by the Users.

  3. The Service include Nebo content which is protected by intellectual property rights of Nebo. Users are not permitted to use, copy, change, quote, imitate, modify, distribute, publish, sell, lease or use any of the Nebo content in any other way without a prior written consent.

  4. Nebo name and logo are legally protected trademarks.

  1. Limitations of responsibility

  1. The Service include content, information and technologies as they are. Therefore, Nebo does not guarantee that:

  • the Service will be free of any mistakes,

  • the Service will be working continuously in an undisturbed manner,

  • all the Service’s damages will be removed,

  • the Service or servers from which it is made available do not contain harmful software including viruses,

  • using the Service is compliant with the law of User’s country of jurisdiction,

  • transfer of data, information or any other content using the services provided by Nebo is fully safe.

  1. User declares that he is using the Service on its own responsibility and that he is entitled to use the Service in the light of the law of country of his jurisdiction.

  2. Nebo does not verify or approve any content published or distributed by the User. Nebo does not bear any responsibility for any losses incurred by the User as a result of publishing or distributing the content.

  3. Nebo does not bear any responsibility for any loss or damage incurred by the User in connection with:

  • the Service,

  • contents published or distributed by Nebo,

  • contents published or distributed by the User,

  • contents published in the Service or distributed to the Users by the third parties,

  • lack or limitation of access to the Service or its malfunctions,

  • damages of computers, mobile devices or any other hardware used to access the Service occurred in connection with breach of the Nebo’s safety features, existence of harmful software including viruses, actions of unauthorized persons, limitations of access to the Service, Internet connection or hardware damages, or all the other technical issues that may occur,

  • force majeure.

  1. Limitations of the responsibility as defined in this Section cover in particular consequences of potential or actual:

  • loss or disclosing of User’s data or other content,

  • loss or damage of User’s reputation or credibility,

  • loss or damage of the User’s current or potential client relations,

  • loss of business opportunities,

  • loss or damage of computers, mobile devices or other hardware used to access the Service,

  • penalties for non-performance or invalid performance of User’s contractual responsibilities,

  • actual or potential loss of revenues,

  • User’s legal or criminal responsibility,

  • any other loss potentially or actually incurred by the User as a result of using the Service.

  1. User agrees to hold Nebo harmless of any claims, responsibility, damages or losses, costs and expenses that may result from:

  • content published or distributed by the User using the Service, including disclosure of other persons’ confidential information,

  • User’s noncompliance with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions,

  • User’s violation of any third parties’ rights, in particular intellectual property rights,

  • violation of any laws of countries of in which the User is using or accessing the Service.

  1. Complaints

  1. Nebo will put all the possible effort to make the content published by Nebo professional and accurate. We also require the same approach from the Users.

  2. Complaints with regards to the Service, content published by Nebo or content published by any of the Users may be sent to the following address: admin@www.nebo.solutions. We will do our best to deal with the complaints as soon as possible.

  1. The agreement. Binding law.

  1. The herein Terms and Conditions along with the Privacy Policy constitute the Agreement between the User and Nebo which defines rules of using the services provided by Nebo, rights and obligations of the parties. User is not allowed to transfer any rights and obligations resulting from the Agreement onto other persons – voluntarily or as a result of rules of law – without prior Nebo’s consent. Such transfer of rights and obligations performed without Nebo’s written consent will not be valid.

  2. Nebo is entitled to transfer rights and obligations resulting from the herein Agreement onto another party without User’s consent.

  3. The Agreement is subject to Polish law.