Super Bowl – prime time for advertisers

New England Patriots faced Philadelphia Eagles in the 52 edition of Super Bowl. The final game of the National Football League took place on 4th of February at the Minnesota Vikings’ new stadium, NRG Stadium in U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. With over 100 million of viewers worldwide, Super Bowl LII was also a prime time for advertisers. It was broadcasted by the NBC.

Most expensive 30 seconds in the business

Due to huge audience it provides, Super Bowl has for many years been a major marketing event for the world’s top brands. It’s clearly reflected in marketing budgets spent year after year on TV commercials presented during the live broadcast. Last year’s 111 million audience watched 534 million dollars worth advertisements which means that a 30-second commercial was worth more less 5 million dollars – according to research firm Kantar [quoted after the]. It is more than twice as much as for the same length of the TV commercial presented during the Academy Awards ceremony.

Men – ads still predominate

Historically, advertisements presented during the Super Bowl have been more focused on male part of the audience. According to Charles R. Taylor, a professor of marketing at the Villanova University School of Business – between 2008 and 2017, c.a 76% of the commercials presented male as a main character. Such numbers may surprise given the fact that the female part of the Super Bowl’s audience is becoming increasingly numerous. Last year women constituted 47% of the overall audience (according to the Nielsen agency’s data quoted after the