Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

  1. Definitions

For the purposes of the herein Privacy Policy, the following definitions will apply:

Nebo or the Service – is understood as an Internet domain operating under address, offering services to its Users, owned by Sławomir Czajka, carrying out a business activity under brand „Sławomir Czajka”, seated at ul. Kazimierza Wierzyńskiego 61, 52-241 Wrocław, Poland, registered in the Polish registry of entrepreneurs under REGON no. 366851504.

Privacy Policy – is understood as the herein document including any future changes.

User – is understood as an owner of either individual account or a corporate account.

Nebo services – are understood as services and information available through domain, in particular: a browser, the user account, an e-mail service, Blog.

  1. General rules

  1. Welcome to Nebo. We are an online platform for professionals designed for building and developing professional network of our Users. The herein Privacy policy describes how we collect, process, share and protect information that our Users entrust us with during use of the Service. Privacy Policy applies to visitors (non-registered users) accordingly.

  2. Safety of our Users’ data is crucial for us. Therefore Nebo keeps the Users’ the data safe from access of unauthorized persons, change, loss or unintended processing in breach of the binding legal regulations – using industry-standard safeguards.

  3. Nebo reserves right to update the Privacy Policy. Nebo will be informing User through the Service about any changes of the Privacy Policy prior to their publication. User agrees to receive information about change of the Privacy Policy. Changes are published in the “Privacy Policy” section of the Service. Using the Service after the changes of the Privacy Policy have been published means their acceptance.

  4. Nebo only collects and processes information provided by the User in the course of use of the Service. Nebo does not collect User’s information from other sources.

  5. Nebo is not responsible for privacy policy and measures of third party sites visited by User after leaving Nebo by clicking hyperlinks included in the Service.

  1. Information we collect:

We collect the following information in connection with the use of the Service by our Users (hereinafter: the User’s data):

  1. Individual user account owners:

  1. Obligatory information provided during the registration:

  • E-mail address,

  • Account password,

  1. Voluntary information:

  • Full name,

  • Position (present and past),

  • Location (country, city),

  • Certificates,

  • Languages,

  • Specializations and industries.

  1. Corporate account owners

  1. Obligatory information provided during the registration:

  • E-mail address,

  • Account password,

  1. Voluntary information / media:

  • Company name,

  • Company location (country, city),

  • Company contact details,

  • Number of company’s professional employees,

  • Languages used for serving clients,

  • Company’s specialization and industries served,

  • References,

  • Multimedia files.

  1. Endorsements – we collect information about skills a User has endorsed or has been endorsed for.

  2. IP addresses – we collect IP addresses (Internet Protocol) used by our Users while making connection to the Service – for technical purposes connected with administrating our servers and gathering some general statistic information regarding our Users.

  1. Use and share of User’s data

  1. User’s data is used primarily for the purposes of providing Nebo services to the User, with reservation of points 2-3 below.

  2. Nebo do not sell, rent or dispose in any other form the User’s data without the User’s written consent.

  3. Data Nebo may share or disclose:

  1. User agrees that profile information provided on the User’s profile can be seen by others,

  2. User agrees that Nebo may disclose his data to:

  • the competent authorities in the course of legal proceedings,

  • the third parties upon written request in case it is required for the purposes of protection of the third parties’ legal rights (e.g. intellectual property rights or personal rights). The request should document probability of the third parties’ rights being damaged or broken.

  • Lawyers – for the purposes of proper execution of the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

  • Service providers – Nebo may employ third party companies and individuals to facilitate the Service (e.g. maintenance, analysis, audit, marketing and development). These third parties will have limited access to the User’s information only to perform these tasks on our behalf and are obligated to Nebo not to disclose or use it for other purposes.

  1. Change in control over Nebo – If there is a change in control over Nebo, we are entitled to provide the User’s information to the person or company who will take over the control over Nebo. That person or company will be obliged to follow the Privacy Policy.

  1. Access to User’s data and content

  1. User has a right to access, change or delete his profile information at any time.

  2. User has the right to access, change or delete content he has published at any time.

  3. User has a right to de-activate the User account at time at any time.

  1. Data keeping and retention

  1. User’s personal information are administered by Sławomir Czajka, carrying out business activity under the brand “Sławomir Czajka” seated at ul. Kazimierza Wierzyńskiego 61, 52-241 Wrocław, Poland, registered in the Polish registry of entrepreneurs under REGON no. 366851504.

  2. The User’s data are kept in a data base protected by technical and organizational features securing a safe data keeping and processing. These features are compliant with the requirements mentioned at: (i) the Polish Act on personal data protection of 29 August 1997 (official journal no. 133 position 883), (ii) Decree of the Polish Minister of the Internal Affairs and Administration of 29 April 2004 on documentation of data processing and organizational and technical requirements that hardware and information systems used for personal data processing should meet (official journal no. 100, position 1024).

  3. Nebo keeps User’s data for as long as User’s account is active. However, Nebo may keep certain data even after the account is de-activated if it is necessary to:

  • prevent a repeated registration of User whose account has been closed due to use of the service in breach of the Terms and Conditions,

  • comply with Nebo’s legal obligations,

  • enforce the Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions,

  • protect the rights, property or safety of Nebo.