How does NEBO work based on a case study.

Staff costs still differ very substantially in the European market. Therefore, outsourcing of services and employees is still a very hot topic. Usually, the driving factor is the ability to reduce staff costs, but also remember of know-how, which a given company cannot afford in its own market.

We present a case study of the first companies which were successfully matched via our portal. No wonder these companies are from the on-line sector, creating websites – this industry is the most open for novelties.

NEBO’s first steps

Te first company registered in our portal was, responsible for launching our portal. SO, we started a campaign for British and Irish companies from web design and IT industries, which brought first foreign companies registering in the portal.

Of course, we had to register our account at NEBO, as we think it is a great idea to acquire new contacts and this portal fills the gap in business networking – an area that is quite neglected in Polish internet. As we have worked with British companies since 2005, we are very interested in any novelties for promoting our company in foreign markets.

Łukasz Białonoga / Managing Director at

As Łukasz said, a query from CLIQ was the first they received via NEBO portal. Mark Flavin was looking for a new company that would help him solve his problems with web developers, he worked for years with freelancers from Serbia and Macedonia, but he needed a more specialist support.

I received an e-mail with invitation to register in NEBO just as I was getting annoyed by the fact my developer was not at his computer at the time. I started an account, found only one registered agency, so I sent a query – the reply came quick.

Mark Flavin Managing Director in CLIQ

The differences in staff costs are still substantial in Ireland and in Poland, which gives this cooperation prospects for a long-term relationship. At a price of one freelancer from Ireland, CLIQ got the support from an entire interactive agency team, its know-how and experience, which is invaluable in solving day-to-day issues.

Of course, our portal can be used with any industry – whether you are a lawyer, or an export consultant. For example, XYZ are currently looking for help entering foreign markets with their exports – if you can assist them – register and send them your offer!