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NEBO is an international business platform which creates an unlimited networking, information exchange and services as well as dedicated professional support adjusted to your particular needs. You will find a meaningful contact database of decision makers and experts in their fields anywhere in the world.

NEBO solutions

Explore new markets free of unnecessary commission charges paid to third parties. Find specialists and advisors in required location, avoiding expensive agents. NEBO offers unlimited foreign markets expansion opportunities to small businesses. See how simple it is!



what nebO OFFERS?

How NEBO helps in finding new business leads?

Are you looking for a lawyer, accountant, tax advisor in Poland, the UK or Ukraine? Specify your preferences in NEBO profile and find an expert. Do you need an HR, IT services, qualified workforce? Register and filter data according to required contact and order destination, field, sector and language.

NEBO is solution for everyone

If you want to offer your services – sign up, create a brief and wait for orders. Are you looking for support, guidance, specific service type? You don’t know how to start selling internationally? Thanks to NEBO you receive an access to valuable contact database looking for… you!

NEBO networking

NEBO is also an international networking platform integrating management processes. It creates a community of managers, executives and senior staff who are looking for international contacts to develop their company’s employees and business leads.

Why NEBO is so awesome?

You can increase your business potential, develop markets, sell your services to clients all over the world, find trusted and proved contacts to collaborate in any city or country. All you need is to create an account with NEBO and select your preferences – leads to potential customers, recommendations or guidance in finding trusted contacts.

Sky is the limit!

Thanks to NEBO you can easily and effectively develop your business. The rules are simple: register your account and in a few steps specify what you are looking for. That’s it. No more. Start now. Get to know NEBO and expand your business with no limits.