How is your data protected?

Nowadays personal data and information are at the highest value, therefore it is crucial to take proper care about security.

On our website, we make sure that your data is secure and safely stored. We are always using up-to-date software and newest security patches that comes with it. Aside from that these different protections are in use:

Two factor login

One of the basic types of protection is using two factor login. This way every administrator will be thoroughly checked if it’s not impersonated.

WordPress security and firewall plugin.

„This security plugin offers the latest recommended WordPress security practices and techniques as easy to use features. It is designed and written by experts with the user in mind. „ 

This website is based on WordPress which is already a secure platform, and we’re always are using the newest version of the system. In addition Security Plugin that WordPress helps to highlight security wholes and deals with them.

Here are one of the precautions we are using:

  • Firewall
  • XMLRPC & Pingback Vulnerability Protection
  • Blocking access to debug log file
  • Protection against Brute Force attack – By changed login page, malicious bots and hackers will not be able to access it because they will not know the correct login page URL.


Server’s security

Our Web Hostiting Company takes a good care about its server’s security. Here are some of the technics they are using to protect your data:

  • Special antivirus programmes and scanners
  • Firewall
  • Proxy
  • SSL protection
  • Ports’ scanner
  • Antispam filter, content filter
  • Special cryptographic methods used for teletransmission
  • Regular updates of software
  • Blocking direct communication
  • Access network connected with many telecommunication operators.