Are you planning to record an advertising movie? Or maybe you want to capture your wedding and wedding in a modern way? The 360 ° film studio is the place for you. We are able to create any movie regardless of the location and the industry in which you operate. Cooperation with us is based on mutual trust and understanding. Both we and our client need to know the target group of the film perfectly. We learn details in order to be able to precisely match the message of the VR campaign to their area of interest. It's good to know that 360 movies are a completely new medium that is revolutionizing the way stories are told. In contrast to the traditional 2d movie, viewers watching 360 videos have the impression of participating in the middle of the action, which can be perfectly used for marketing purposes. The viewer engages in the story with his whole self. We achieve this effect thanks to the use of a number of special effects, including shots, made from drone.
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