V. Anweiler, M. Kotulla, K. Kwaśniewicz Kancelaria Radców Prawnych CASUS IURIS Sp.j., Wrocław, have been providing legal services for 26 years now. We currently form a team of 3 partners/attorneys at law, 11 associates/attorneys at law, 4 attorney at law trainees and 1 paralegal. We are proud to be the leading firm providing an overall legal service including employment law advice to corporate clients and the public sector on the local market (Wrocław and the region of Dolny Śląsk also known as Lower Silesia). We have also a track record for delivering legal solutions to our many Clients in the whole territory of Poland. The key areas of practice are: 1) Construction investments : protecting the legal interest of construction project stakeholders from inception through development, implementation and financial reconciliation of individual tasks and infrastructure projects including but not limited to: • Construction investment agreements with the involvement of the public sector (more than 100 agreements/capital projects), • legal advice and assistance in purchasing/selling land and other assets (more than 10 years of collaboration with the expansion department of a major multinational chain), • construction contracts for projects worth more than PLN 1 billion (including a couple of dozens FIDIC contracts), • public procurement (legal support and advice in more than 150 proceedings), • protecting/representing clients against/in relation to: claims arising from construction investments including representation in courts of law, tribunals and arbitration proceedings with particular experience in the areas of the performance bonds or securing evidence procedures etc. (for the last 5 years we have acted for our clients handling claims worth more than PLN 600 million) 2) (general practice) – legal services to business (more than 40 regular clients) including: • commercial contracts (also internationally), General Terms and Conditions of Sale, • company law (corporate services to joint stock companies, public limited companies and private limited liability companies), restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, • real estate (purchase, rent, lease), • public aid and grants, EU funding (inclusive of the regulatory aspects and control of utilisation of the funds), • litigations, disputes, 3) employment law for employers – advice and legal audits, policies and guidelines, collective labour disputes, cross-border employment law, lawsuits, 4) Public bodies: public utilities, local and regional planning/spatial planning, public finance, public aid and grants, relationship and agreements with private partners, EU funding, environmental protection, public procurement, stakeholder interest protection in construction projects inclusive of surety issues relating to General Contractor/subcontractor claims. (References available on request). What our Clients appreciate in us (and what we have always aspired to) is: 1. our highest ethical standards, being approachable and committed to clients, 2. a high level of expertise and “being in the swim in law”, 3. a high quality of services (punctuality, accessibility and communicativeness), 4. being seen as their first call – the local legal practice (in Wrocław, in Lower Silesia) – nonetheless efficient and well organised – the distance is not an issue when it comes to delivering legal solutions. What counts is the quality of service, specialisation and experience. 5. reasonable rates (a completely transparent and predictable pricing policy). We will be honoured to provide the best of our skills, our commitment and experience, and our consistently high ethical standards. Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me. Yours sincerely Krzysztof Kwaśniewicz Managing Partner, attorney at law


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