The online store is a professional supplier of state-of-the-art electronic devices, specializing primarily in all kinds of alarm systems and systems, CCTV monitoring, as well as any devices that facilitate property security. The store can be found at the address provided, but nothing stands in the way of visiting a stationary store located in Toruń at ul. Żółkiewskiego 14. In both places, each customer will receive professional service, help and advice thanks to many years of experience employee and her experience in the industry. Sklep also deals with professional valuation of monitoring and alarms - simply fill out a simple form on the page, and the system helps to calculate the necessary amount of equipment and to evaluate the service, which largely facilitates shopping, especially those requiring more cash. In addition, the store has a special promotion for customers doing more shopping - released in the store PLN 1000 translates into free shipping straight to the customer's home.
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